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XLCT Low Profile Wrench

XLCT Low profile wrench

Thin design, made of high-strength aluminum-titanium alloy materialSnap-on and interchangeable plug-ins, one power head can be used with a variety of work headsNew flat design suitable for narrow working conditions

XLCT low profile wrench


High resistance with aluminium-titanium and light body

700 bar maximum operation pressure

Repeatability of ± 3%

Torsion retaining ratchet system

360° x 180° multi-positional swivel quick release couplings

Interchangeable cassettes with small head radius

Suitable for continuous operation at maximum pressure

Pressure relief valve prevents over pressure


Min  (Nm)2505001000172027004000
Max  (Nm)2500540010500179002700040500
Repeatability+/- 3%+/- 3%+/- 3%+/- 3%+/- 3%+/- 3%
Weight  (Kg)2.259.616.922.938
L  (mm)205251.3302.5367400.5457.5
L1 (mm)147188233283308364
H1 (mm)129163191223246282
H2 (mm)100136166.5198224265
R   (mm)41.353.868.885.398.8115.8
Link S(mm)27-5027-6550-9085-11595-13500-155
R   (mm)25.834.839.846.850.856.8