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PTWF High Speed

PTWF High Speed

The high-speed torque wrench adopts a precision-engineered high-speed gearbox, specially designed for faster operation, greatly improving bolt tightening efficiency.

PTWF High Speed


1.Heavy industrial-grade air motor imported from Japan ensures the continuity of torque output and the long-term stability.

2.The two-speed models feature a unique full automatic gearbox design, eliminating the time consuming switch between high and low speed gear.

3.Continuous and stable torque output, easy work without reaction force, avoiding destructive nut hammering.

4.Ergonomic and comfortable handle reduces operator injuries and fatigue and improves production efficiency.

5.Enclosed lightweight aluminum alloy shell provides stable torque output, durable and low noise. Output accuracy +-4% and repeatability +-2%.

6.Optional digital display adjusts the torque every 10Nm to select the target torque more accurately (customized).

7.Optional Bluetooth and wireless modules to connect with c-series smart sockets for joint calibration of sensor verification and precise control and tracking of torque output terminals(customized).

8.Optional sensor system enables precise control of the torque output target unit, with an adjustment accuracy of up to +-2% (customized).

9.Portable tool basket conforms to ergonomic mechanics and is more convenient for moving work.


ModelMin torque(N.m)Max torque(N.m)SDLH1H2R1R2WeightMax speed