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BTWF High Speed

BTWF High Speed

The high-speed torque wrench adopts a precision-designed high-speed gearbox, specially designed for faster operation, greatly improving bolt tightening efficiency.

BTWF High speed


*Driven by a new advanced brush-less motor, the BTW reaches torques very precisely and efficient.

*The two-speed models feature a unique full automatic gearbox design, eliminating the time consuming switch between high and low speed gear.

*Humanization Designing: Programmable preset torque settings, Large size LCD screen dynamic display

*Accurate: High repeatability of +/-2%, simple re-calibration system helps tool delivery torque to apply any applications

*Enough Power: Red-lithium battery packs help bolting more nuts

*Gear Technology: Advanced gear design technology and high strength alloy steel makes tool lighter,durable and faster

*Wide-Range: Torque up to 8,000Nm

*More Functions: Torque real time display+Angle turn+number of angle turns+number of nuts optional

*Smart APP: Optional Wireless Bluetooth Transfer,  data recording system storage millions of applications, tracking results

*Close-loop system: Optional Transducerized system. Built in transducer increase accuracy to +/-1%

*BTW is Bluetooth and wireless compatible and its connectivity with C-Series Smart Socket for transducer verified joint calibration (optional)


ModelMin torque(N.m)Max torque(N.m)SDLH1H2R1R2WeightMax speed