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STWP Turning Tool

STWP Gearbox Turning Tool

Turning tools are mainly used in situations where a stable and continuous output of large torque is required to drive the stable rotation of the gear reduction box. Application areas include heavy-duty gear reduction boxes, wind power turning tools, wind power gearboxes, fan speed increase box turning, and engine crankcases. etc.

Gear BOX Turning Tool


Wind power gearbox turning tool

Gearbox turning tools are mainly used in occasions that require stable and continuous output of super large torque to drive the gear reducer to rotate stably. The application fields include heavy-duty gear reducers, wind power barring tools, wind power gearboxes, wind speed increaser box barring, engine crankcases,etc.


TAC Torque Turning Tool Features

1. Auto two speedThe turning tools assemble with auto two speed gear box which greatly improve production efficiency and save maintenance time. The special turning tool features are starting torque higher and when rotate at a constant speed it will switch to a higher speed. That saves a lot of waiting time.

2. Remote controlWIFI remote control reduce the risk of misoperationof operator and improve the safety of tools.The new advanced WIFI software can adapt to any complex working environment. It has strong anti-interference capability. The WIFI software can work without Internet or router/Lan.

3.TraceabilityTurning tool have advanced data recording system:Operator ID, Product ID, Work ID, Timing, Precision setting. Download as an excel spreadsheet. The software can integrate with MES system. The data will help enterprises manage torque efficiently.

4.High quality:New advanced Japan Panasonic DC&AC servo motor brings lower noise, faster speed, higher output accuracy, more stable, long-time working. No need special maintenance.

5.Durable gear box: High precision gear box, ultra high strength gears, high durability of planetary gear box, higher stability, compact size. The company has a strong R & D team, can calmly cope with a variety of special space occasions personalized customization to meet the various needs of customers

6.Intelligent safety management: specific intelligent restraint function improves more reliable use safety: torque limit, Angle limit, overload protection, overheating protection, maintenance cycle timing, therefore operator can use without any concern.

7.Torque range: Turning tools cover 100Nm to 25,000Nm, support special customization

8. Customization: TAC supports the customization of fixed turning tools for special applications, which can be equipped with simple operation buttons to make outdoor work more relaxed and flexible.