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Calibration Test Bench

Calibration equipment

Pass or fail: preset torque tolerance, intelligent automatic analysis of measurement resultsGenerate Excel table: including tool name, serial number, measurement results, working conditions, date and time, etc.Calibration report printing: Print calibration report with one clickDiversity of display channels: tablets, industrial touch screens, laptops, mobile APPs

TAC-TC  Dual-Transducer Test Stands-Rundown&Fixture


• Dual transducer stations for testing multiple ranges or different types of tools.

•Solid machined aluminum plate for stability, includes rundown fixture and bearing support for test stand models.

•Steel reaction posts with drill bushings for strength and durability.

•Reaction fixture for low profile wrenches

•Welded stainless steel table.

•Supplied with torque analyzer display and articulated arm.


Display Specifications

System Accuracy: 0.5% bidirectional

Engineering Units: ft-lbs, Nm

Modes: Track, Peak, or First Peak

Housing: Heavy Duty Aluminum

Batteries:Rechargable NiMH batteries provide 10–12 hours of continuous use

Display: Segmented


ModelMin Torque (N.m)Max Torque (N.m)ABCHH1H2H3Weight